Feel Stronger. Look Stronger. Be Stronger.

Group Personal Training Sessions and Personal Coaching

10% Discount for students, seniors and fitness professionals. Please provide proper ID for discount.

2 sessions a week $120/month
*Unlimited sessions (BT and (ST – See coaching sessions)) $160/month
**2 classes a week for couples $190/month
Unlimited classes for couples $255/month
***Drop in fee $20 (Will increase to $25 2/1/2015)
Single Private Coaching $85/session
10 Private Coaching Sessions $750
Duo Private Coaching $140/session
10 Duo Private Coaching Sessions $1250

Please note:

*All new members interested in the Strength Training Program must first work with a Starting Strength Coach for 10 sessions to learn the lifts. Once members have completed their personal training sessions, they will have access to all Strength Training Sessions. An unlimited monthly membership will be required.

*All new members interested in the Basic Training Program must first work with a coach for 6-10 sessions to learn the skills needed to participate in the group sessions. The number of sessions will be based off of your free movement assessment. Those participating in this program have the choice of 2x week or unlimited.

**Couples membership requires that couples reside at the same home address.

Drop in Fee

***We do allow drop in’s to our barbell classes and Basic Training classes for those individuals who are already trained in the Starting Strength method (For Strength Session) and those who are familiar with the exercises in our Basic Training Program. Drop in fee is $20. Beginning February 1, 2015, the drop in fee will increase to $25.

Please contact us at info@fivex3.com if you would like to drop in on a class.